Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where Somebody Knows Your Name

Today I took my car into the dealer for an oil change. As I walked in, the technician greeted me with a smile and said, "Hello Ms. Thurman, how are you?" Wow - I had not been in to the dealer for over 5 months, and he still remembered my name! He said he is good with names, but what a great feeling that brings, in our crazy busy world, that someone knows and remembers us. When my car was finished, I went to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, that I haven't been to for a while. I used to be a regular customer, but now am only able to go about every 3-6 months since I no longer work in the area. I walked up to the register and the cashier greeted me and remembered my regular order. Again, it felt good to be acknowledged and validated as an important person.

So what is the lesson here? Yes, these people were just doing their jobs, and providing good customer service. But maybe we all need to notice one another, to remember one another. How wonderful to be able to brighten someone's day with a smile and a personal greeting. Who knows if it might just carry them through a difficult time. What if we can give them hope and encouragement when it seems like no one cares?

I want to live my daily life and provide excellent "customer service" to everyone I come into contact with. I want to greet each day with a smile and an encouraging word for those who pass my way. I want to be somebody who knows your name. Anyone want to join me?